Monday bites

In which I reveal my spirit pasta and the other tasty things I’ve had in the past week:

Best thing I made: Stir-fried Cabbage (recipe via Food52)

photo (27)

I saw this recipe mentioned in a tweet one day last week, and though its main ingredient is cabbage (no one gets excited for this) and it calls for a handful of spices I don’t have (my No. 1 reason for turning down a recipe), I was totally sold and I made it that same night. It was sweet and spicy and earthy, and unlike anything I ever make. My kitchen would like to extend a warm welcome to fennel seed and garam masala. Just days later, I used the garam masala to make a flavored popcorn for the Oscars. Who am I?

So with this recipe, I substituted green cabbage for red cabbage because I like the latter better, and I’d make it that way again. Also, next time, I’d probably cut back on the oil.

Best thing I ordered: Paparadelle with braised beef from Bluebeard in Indianapolis. After Bluebeard’s James Beard award nomination last week, going there for dinner on Saturday night felt like the right thing to do. And it was. Homemade paparadelle is my spirit pasta.

Best thing I drank: Old Tom and Tonic, also from Bluebeard.

photo (33)

One of three gin and tonics on Bluebeard’s menu, this one has celery shrub. Shrubs are old-timey vinegary syrups that bartenders are playing around with again, and it did make that gin and tonic taste like celery in the best way — kinda briny. It might sound a little weird, but not as weird as this: Later that night, my friend Casey sent me a picture of cocktail he was sipping in Miami. The rim of the glass was garnished with yam flakes.

Which has jumped the shark: Craft cocktails or sweet potatoes?

Worth recreating at home: Beet and blood orange salad from Feast, one of my favorite Bloomington spots. Roasted beets, blood oranges, avocado, walnuts and wide, thin carrot shavings, with a champagne vinegar dressing.


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