A peek at Edible Indy’s fall issue

I run a magazine called Edible Indy that publishes quarterly. We work so far ahead that my work life is forever one season ahead of reality. Today, it’s 90 degrees and I’m thinking about what kinds of Indy-made sweets would make great holiday gifts. For our photo shoots, I’m scrambling to locate corn in March and pumpkins in June and ramps in December. Thank goodness for our screwed up food system that makes so much of what I need available in grocery stores year round (except ramps – those really are a local, farmers’ market specialty with a very short window of availability).

Working that far ahead means that when an issue is finally on racks, it’s kind of like an newly expired gallon of milk. I don’t want to open it or smell it or even look at it. It seems so old. Let’s just buy a new jug and move on, shall we?

But you — you! — should definitely open it. To you, it’s fresh, and that’s the best.

The new fall issue of Edible Indy is online, but I wanted to point out some of my favorite parts. Think of this as your companion guide to the fall issue.

This cover! I love the simplistic styling and the color of the cranberry dish. Photo by Kelley Jordan Heneveld; shot at Late Harvest Kitchen. I brought the linen towel and the swing-top water bottle from home. The other props came from the restaurant.

I got to try some food styling for this issue, which, turns out, is difficult. I wrote this story on burgers with locally-made toppings, then I bought the ingredients and made the burgers at home. Jeff did the grilling and Grant Heger took the photos.

I was sad that this adorable outtake didn’t make it in the issue, but maybe it’ll turn up in a future one:

I also really loved this spread on cooking with fall fruit. I interviewed Ryan Nelson, the talented chef-owner of Late Harvest Kitchen, and asked him to share autumn recipes with fruit, but nothing sweet — no tarts, pies, crumbles, etc. Kelley Jordan Heneveld took the photos, and we styled them together using a mix of props from my kitchen and from the restaurant.

Recipes are in the magazine, and it’s worth noting that although we focus on Indy places, people and food, the recipes can be made in kitchens everywhere.

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