The braggy cake post

To celebrate Jeff’s birthday and break in all of the new pre-wedding gifts that have been arriving on our doorstep in a steady stream for more than a month, I baked a cake. From scratch.

At our new house, we have cake stands (3), mixing bowls (15) and a hand mixer (1) with two beaters that don’t take 10 minutes to find. I was hoping to find recipe that called for our Kitchen-Aid mixer (1) so that I could give it an inaugural whirl, but all of the knowledgeable bakers out there seemed to think a hand mixer would get the job done.

So, here it is. Martha Stewart’s Velvet Cocoa Cake:

I used that fancy frosting technique where you shimmy pieces of parchment paper underneath the bare cake once it’s set on the pedestal. After frosting, you pull out the pieces of parchment paper, and you have a lovely frosted cake and a clean pedestal. In action:

That bowl of chips looks annoyingly close to my work station. But frosting can take time, and you’ll need snacks to get you through it.

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