Gin up

I find gin cocktails to be delicious. On a trip to Portland this spring where the only mission, was, in fact, to drink new things, I tried a new-to-me gin that I l-o-v-e.

Back story: We stayed at the Benson, a downtown hotel that felt very grand and had a fantastic bar, where I ordered a cocktail called the Baby Dill, made with a lovely herbal gin — Aviation gin from Portland — and muddled cucumbers and dill. After the first sip, I swore I could drink 18 of them, and I probably came close during my week-long stay.

Then, about halfway through my 18-Baby Dill pledge, we toured House Spirits Distillery, which makes Aviation gin:

We got a peek at the distillery and the little tasting room next door called the Apothecary, a space so charming that if you’re not careful, you’ll be charmed into buying a bottle of white dog, which is no bueno. (Stick to the gin.)

We took a spin through the distillery, where small-batch gin, whiskey and other spirits are made:

Love everything about this operation, including the clean, medicinal look of some of its spirits’ packaging. House’s products haven’t made it to the Midwest yet, so I felt justified in drinking Aviation like water while in Portland.

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One Response to Gin up

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t like the white dog! Try it in a daiquiri sometime, it’ll surprise you (in a good way). Thanks for your visit and all the kind words, Tom (co-owner of House Spirits).

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