Winter Retreat: Vol. 2

In terms of cooking, the winter retreat was all over the place. We threw together some really simple dishes that tasted awesome and perfect, and we tried some complicated things (like making baguettes from scratch) that we’d do differently next time.

The first night, we went for delicious but low key. A couple of us got Barefoot Contessa’s new cookbook, “How Easy is That?” for Christmas, and we were eager to find out: How easy is her beef tenderloin? Her pasta with garlic and olive oil? Her beans?

Super easy, that’s how easy. Don’t worry, we used “good” olive oil throughout.

The guys were fairly geeked out by the kitchen appliances that were brought up especially for the winter retreat, including a mini kegerator, an espresso machine, a soda water maker and a food scale. Oooh they loved that food scale.

Everyone pitched in — isn’t that the best? It makes sitting down to dinner really rewarding.

For dessert: A double-decker red velvet cake that we can’t take credit for. And espresso. And Trivial Pursuit. (My team won.)

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