Winter Retreat: Vol. 1

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, a few of us headed to our friend J.R.’s cozy cottage in a perfect winter wonderland setting on Lake Michigan.

We called it a winter retreat: Tearing up the kitchen for hours at a time, several times a day. Really delicious beer. Wellies, buffalo-check button-downs and fur-lined mocs. Board games. Movies. Flames in the fireplace. Fun outdoorsy activities. All heavily photographed, of course. Looking back at the photos, it’s as though we shot a catalog that sells awesomeness.

Wednesday morning, after mimosas and a frittata for breakfast, we took a walk on the beach:

The beach is incredible in the winter: Big and quiet, like you snuck in to a place you’re not supposed to be.

I got a little tripod for my camera for Christmas, so naturally I made everyone try some jumping shenanigans.

It’s harder than it looks to get everyone in the air at the same time. But not that hard, so I won’t make a big deal about it.

We made Phil and Laura pose at the edge of the water. I love that their hats are so bright. I found tiny shells and walked in the water. And we played tic-tac-toe in the sand.

Cat’s game. Whatever that means.

Next up: Winter Retreat, Vol. 2. Food. So much food.

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