One for you, one for me

Today I bought my first Christmas gift: these adorable entertaining plates from West Elm.

I stalked them online for a few weeks. Today, when I went to buy them, they were sold out. Then, of course, I HAD to have them. Isn’t that just the worst? It happens to me almost constantly. I think I secretly like it, because it turns shopping in to a sport.

So I called West Elm customer service to help me track down the plates from a store. The rep said they were sold out everywhere. Really, everywhere?

I did not believe that the plates were sold out. I fully believe that in most instances I am better at scouring a retailer’s inventory than their own employees. I’m just crafty like that.

I pressed on. I called the Scottsdale store, which was, indeed, sold out of the plates. A gal there told me they were sold out company-wide. A sane person would have given up at this point.

Because I’m a crazy person, I continued calling stores. Chicago. Then Columbus. Where the plates were in stock! Two sets!

One for you, and one for me.

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