Shopping for: Coat racks

My obsession with coat racks, born 1 week ago. Approx 10 billion pounds and growing fast.

I’ve never needed a coat rack until now. Growing up, we always had a closet near the door. And then I moved to Arizona, where I wore tank tops most of the year and, in the winter, heavier tank tops.

Now I’m back in Indiana and living in a house with no coat closet by the front door. No coat closet in the hall. Was the climate different when this house was built in the ’50s? Did people once switch to heavier tank tops in the winter here too?

So now I find myself needing a coat rack. I have some standards I’d like my first coat rack to meet. I want one with personality. I’m about to hunt at a few antique shops, but first I did some scouting online for inspiration:

Love the rustic feel of this antique metal rack ($65) from the PrairieAntiques shop on Etsy. Practically a piece of art, so it would look amazing even when it’s bare.

Another pretty find from Etsy: double cast iron hooks with chippy red paint, $32 at CottageFarm. But not enough hook action for a house with four people. Maybe this becomes a personal coat rack for my closet? (Also, I want everything from CottageFarm.)

Two lovely and omg-I-barely-have-a-coat-that-expensive options from Pottery Barn: the Hudson, $179, curvy but not too curvy, and straight from a Parisian cafe; and a pewter rack with cute numbered hooks, $199.

Erich Ginder’s ghost antlers, $230 each at, arranged like this, would look pretty fancy pants.

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One Response to Shopping for: Coat racks

  1. Synthia Reninger says:

    Coat racks that are made from aluminum panels are really great because they are lightweight and they do offer some modern design theme. .`;””

    Kindest regards

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