How to throw a pumpkin carving party

1. Call your friends. Tell them it’s BYO pumpkin and you’ll take care of the rest. Get some chili going on the stove. Let guests eat when they wanna eat, carve when they wanna carve. It’s all very casual. Throw a blanket on the grass and sit. Or, if you’re Tom, just eat standing up.

2. Set up a big table in your yard. Gather knives, spoons for scooping out innards and Sharpies for drawing patterns. Cover the table in newspapers for easy clean up.

3. There will be only one really good scooper spoon out of the 10 that you’ve managed to wrangle from the kitchen. Someone else will always be using the good scooper spoon. So, just get your hands dirty. Guts!

4. If necessary, break out the power tools. It was necessary. For the boys and the girls. Cheaters or geniuses?

5. Make sure someone brings a really cute dog. This is Tyson.

6. Pumpkin carving takes longer than you remember. Prepare for it to carry on into the evening. A headlamp makes everything better.

7. Line the pumpkins up for a photo. Class of 2010!

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