On fire

Say you’re walking down this street in our neighborhood. La la la.

You say, “What a lovely fall day!” and all that good stuff. And then you see it in the distance …

… closer now …

You can’t help but stop and stare. And you’re not even a tree person.

Yes, it’s the most beautiful fall tree in the world! The neighbor across the street said that when the sun sets, the tree looks like it’s on fire.

I sat underneath it and looked up. It was like a stained glass window.

I pass this tree every day while riding my bike to work. It’s prettiest of all the trees I pass.

Right now, when I ride to work I feel like I’m in a movie. It’s cool and crisp and sunshine-y and the streets are lined with gorgeous trees, each one prettier than the last (but not as pretty as the fiery tree in my neighborhood).

Leaves blanket the ground like snow, and all you hear is the woosh-crunch of people walking through them.

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