Fantasy Footwear Team

Yesterday was the first day it really felt like fall — and as I stood out in my front lawn, arms outstretched, shouting, “Hello, Fall? Is that you?” to no one in particular, I thought …

Yikes, my feet are really cold. The sandals have got to go.

So, I assembled a team. A fantasy footwear team, if you will, which is way more fun than all of those boring fantasy football teams everyone went on about a couple of months ago. Here are 10 pairs of shoes that I think could keep me happy through fall and winter, without any of those I-have-no-shoes whines (because you asked, the cost of said happiness is $2,020.50).

Clockwise, from top left:

Ruffled booties, $180 at Banana Republic. I’m actually not crazy about booties, but these struck me. So they’re in.  // “Gianna” platform loafers by Ralph Lauren Collection, $575 at Nordstrom. Love the academic vibe.  // “Verbenia” bow pumps, $89 at Nine West. So polished and unexpected in navy.  // “Karolina” sequined heels, $350 at Kate Spade. Are there prettier party heels out there? No.  // Fringed driving mocs, $59.50 at Gap. These are sold out online. But they are so fun and I must. have. them.  // Fold-up ballet flats, $65 at I would travel with these.  // Shearling-lined duck boots, $149 at I love that functional classics are in.  // “Munich” feather flats, $110 at Banana Republic. Cheers and snaps. These are perfect.  // “Demi” leopard flats, $245 at Kate Spade. There are more affordable versions out there, but that red lining is really hard to resist.  // “Peter” over-the-knee boots, $198 at Loft. Something about this particular pair makes over-the-knee boots seem possible to pull off.

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