Introducing: Jefflato

A few years ago, Jeff bought a commercial gelato maker. I thought he was crazy.

Then he made me gelato. It was so good. OMG-good. I warmed up to the idea.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve made gelato for family and friends and a few private events. Informally, we branded ourselves Jefflato.

Last week, though, things got real. Jefflato made it’s public debut at a Local First event at Oliver Winery. People were in love. And I can say that without bragging because all six of my blog readers have tasted Jefflato – so, you know.

We made four flavors:

We made business cards and signs:

And a really basic web site:

We set up a little stand at Oliver, handed out samples and answered lots of questions.

Everyone wanted to know:

Where’s your store? (We don’t have one — yet — but we take custom orders at You can order 2 pints, 20 pints, whatever you want. Let’s talk.)

Do you have a machine? (Yep. It’s a Carpigiani machine. It’s about waist-high and it’s in our kitchen, next to the refrigerator.)

What flavors can you make? (Anything you can think of. We love a challenge. One time, we even turned a whole birthday cake into a quart of Jefflato. It tasted like birthday cake!)

One man came up to us wearing his Skeptical Consumer Face. Later, he told us it was the best gelato he’s ever had, and he hopes we make it big.

We don’t know where Jefflato is going, but we’re putting it out there in the universe to see what happens.

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